Rwandan ladies in the new studio
umucyo radio building
Kigali Rwanda streets
Radio Africa Network (RAN) together with Radio CCFm, Cape Town, partnered
with Maurice Hakizimana of Christ Gospel Media and other Rwandan
Christians who are involved with rebuilding the country and the broken lives
of its citizens. Many citizens have been the victims, or have relatives, who were
victims of genocide.
Umucyo Community Radio has a project to raise funds to install a new
mast on a hill above the city. This mast will replace the mast located on
top of the city centre building and it will increase coverage across a large
portion of the country.
Umucyo Community Radio (Light) presents the Gospel of Jesus to the people
of Kigali but also seeks to address HIV/AIDS issues, gender equality and
poverty alleviation.
Umucyo Community Radio 102.8Fm
Kigali, Rwanda
Umucyo Community
Radio, 102.8Fm
Kigali, Rwanda