Radio Uzima building on MAF compound
Radio Uzima listeners
richard mbuta director radio uzima tanzania
new studio Radio Uzima
Radio Africa Network (RAN) partnered with Richard Mbuta, the director and
founding member of
Radio Uzima ("peace"). Richard Mbuta had the vision to
start a Christian radio station in Tanzania and has sown much into making the
station a reality. Radio Uzima is a Christian community station broadcasting
in central Tanzania. The station aims to bring the good news to people in
need and to educate them concerning health issues and other issues relevant
to the local community.
Radio Uzima, 94.0Fm
Dodoma, Tanzania
Radio Uzima is run by volunteers and is self-sustaining through the income
received from donations, membership fees, and announcements. Radio
Uzima has partnered with MAF, Galcom International and HCJB Global.
Radio Uzima, 94.0Fm
Dodoma, Tanzania
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Richard Mbuta