radio taanba burkina faso station
fada n'gourma market
fada n'gourma streets
Radio Africa Network (RAN) together with other churches and mission
organizations, partnered with Radio Evangile Developpement (RED) In June
and July 2008 to help establish their new radio station in Fada N'gourma
(Fada-Ngourma) in Eastern Burkina Faso, West Africa. The only other
broadcasts in the area come from Government radio and television and a
private radio station. The station broadcasts in Gourmantcema (the local
language) and Moore, Fulfulde, Zarma, Haoussa and French.
Radio Taanba, 98.8Fm
Fada N'gourma,
Burkina Faso
This it the eighth Christian radio station that RED has established in Burkina
Radio Africa Network supporters helped with equipment costs and
crating of some of the equipment.
Radio Taanba, 98.8Fm
Fada N'gourma, Burkina Faso
The area is primarily rural witheighty percent of the population working with
agriculture. Only about twenty-five percent of the population profess to be