Piet Ihosy Madagascar station installation
Madagascar Mission Radio in Ihosy - mast
Madagascar radio - Ihosy street
Radio Africa Network (RAN) partnered with Dinah Ratsimbajaona of
Madagascar Mission Radio in Ihosy. The station partners with Eglise Rhema
de Madagascar church.
Madagascar Mission
Radio, 102Fm
Ihosy, Madagascar
The Madagascar Mission Radio station
ministers to people who are steeped in
ancestor worship. These ancestor worshipers
have ceremonies in which they exhume the
bodies of their dead ancestors in order to
honour them.
Madagascar Mission Radio 102Fm
Ihosy, Madagascar
MAY 2014 UPDATE: This radio station is off air due to a lightning strike on
the transmitter. Please contact RAN if you would like to assist this station
to get back on the air.